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Dear All  ,    Subject : Clean agent system ( FM200 Gas ) Nozzle Location In multi height area of Enclosure    Good Day ,    Enclosure having multi heights in the FM200 System protected area .major portion of Enclosure area 80% ( Height 5.25 Meter) and Remaining Portion of Enclosure area 20% (Height 6.9 meter)
If a door frame carries a 20-minute label, does the door itself have to match that, or can it exceed that?  In other words, if the frame has a 20-minute label, does the door have to also have a 20-minute label, or does it matter if the door has a 90-minute rating?
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It is extremely disappointing that unlike NEC 2017 and its handbook, the NEC 2020 edition and its handbook are not available in PDF format that you can store on your computer as a digital resource and access it anywhere. The availability of NEC 2020 & its handbook only as a print and online digital format will make its access extremely
Hello all.   I have an easement on my property that runs from an electrical pole on the road, back, underground about 800 feet to a neighbors yard where it stops at a transformer. There is a creek the runs perpendicular to the line. This is what the "buried" high voltage line looks like at my creek. Turns out the kids were down here playing
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NFPA 13R Expert Required I have a project that requires an expert in the implementation details NFPA 13R compliant water-based fire sprinkler systems installed in the attics of condominiums and apartments. Complying with the requirement that attics having these systems installed be maintained at 40 degrees F or above or apply an insulated tent
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Dear all ,    Sub : Foam sprinkler system Design:    one of my ongoing project , Foam water sprinkler system is required to protect the generator area of 675 square meter . as per NFPA 16 ,Design area shall be 465 square meter. if protection area of the generator is more than 465 square meter , shall i consider 2 system
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NFPA 99 (2015 edition) (D) notes a receptacle is not required in bathrooms If a receptacle is installed would a hospital grade be required? Part A required hospital grade at patient bed locations. Is a receptacle for use by a television in the same patient room required to be hospital grade ?