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Have a pedestrian footbridge crossing the highway road and am looking for the NFPA code that tells the fire and life safety requirements for this kind of facility?  The footbridge is an above-ground structure with a horizontal length of about 100m and 6m wide. The footbridge contains one elevator and one stair opens to the sky at

main lug subpanel  I was working on a 200 amp panel and I came across a sub-panel 8 space 8 circuit maxed out  that has an overcurrent protection 2 pole 30 amp with a 10/3wire  the 200 amp is maxed out.     Q: wherein the code# NFPA 70# dose it mentions the minimum conductor size for sub-panel?#    P.S
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Vehicles have changed significantly over the years. Modern vehicles present new hazards due to the incorporation of larger quantities of combustible materials (e.g., fuels, plastics, and synthetic materials) into their designs. As the popularity of alternative fuel vehicles has grown, concerns regarding their unique hazards, burn characteristics,